Build your own cocktail machine. Say hello CocktailPi.

Based on RaspberryPi

CocktailPi allows you to build your own, fully customized, cocktail machine. CocktailPi is a controlling software, that controls your pumps, stores the recipes and provides a fully customizable UI for you to set everything up and control your machine. Control your machine using a local (touch)screen, a network attached device or the android app.


And a lot more.

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Try it out:

Username: Admin
Password: 123456

Build your own

Looking to mix things up? To use this machine in a useful way, you will need to build your own hardware. In simple terms, CocktailPi produces different recipes by controlling a relay board that opens or closes the electronic circuit for multiple pumps, which then pump the different liquids into the glass. The user can add new pumps in the web interface, where they have to specify a GPIO pin for every pump and how long that pump needs to pump exactly one centiliter in milliseconds. You can build your machine as you like, but the important thing is that you apply that concept to your setup.


Standard UI

Simple view / touchscreen view

Administration UI